Who am I?

My name is Angel Perez, a Venezuela-based Information Engineer, Backend Developer and a Polyglot, as well as an (almost) self-trained, not-so-amateur photographer and a frustrated Sound Engineer.

What I do

I'm currently making a living developing state-of-the-art Ruby applications and getting my hands dirty with JavaScript, Rust and Scala in order to become some sort of polyglot Backend tailor.

Besides programming, I'm also deeply interested in areas such as art, history, languages, literature, music (I consider myself a music-driven human being) and philosophy.


If you'd like to have a coffee or discuss an idea you want to make a reality, feel free to reach me through any of the links below.

Likewise, if you need to check out my résumé in a more conventional way, you can do so by clicking here for English or here for a Spanish-speaking version. There's also my Stack Overflow Developer Story, if you're looking for a more visual-oriented CV.